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The cold temperatures have arrived in central Ohio and will remain though Wednesday. As you try and stay warm, here are some safety measures to keep in mind at home and on the road.

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Cold Weather Checklist


Your Base Layer: Moisture Management This is your next-to-skin layer. It helps regulate your body temperature by moving perspiration away from your skin. Keeping dry helps you maintain a cool body temperature in the summer and avoid hypothermia in the winter. If you’ve ever worn a cotton T-shirt under your raincoat while you hiked, you probably remember feeling wet and clammy, even though you weren’t getting wet from the rain itself. Cotton is a fabric that retains perspiration and can leave you chilled. For outdoor comfort, your base layer should be made of merino wool (popularized by brands such as SmartWool, Ibex and Icebreaker), synthetic fabrics (polyesters such as Polartec Power Dry or Patagonia Capilene) or, for less-active uses, silk. Rather than absorbing moisture, these fabrics transport (or “wick”) perspiration away from your skin, dispersing it on the outer surface where it can evaporate. The result: You stay drier even when you sweat, and your shirt dries faster afterwards. Examples: A base layer can be anything from briefs and sports bras to long underwear sets (tops and bottoms) to tights and T-shirts. It can be designed to fit snugly or loosely. For cool conditions, thermal underwear is available in light-, mid- and expedition-weights. Choose the weight that best matches your activity and the temperature.

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U.S. To accept Thousands of Syrian Refugees

ostovar20130108050736550More than two million Syrians have fled their war-torn country, with many settling in nearby Lebanon and Jordan. Now, the US will open its doors to 2,000 of “the most vulnerable” Syrian refugees – as long as they pass a lengthy background screening.

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Have California’s strict gun laws worked?

california-seizes-guns-from-owners-and-this-might-become-a-national-model.siLos Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca tosses a pistol onto a pile of guns to be melted at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s 20th annual Gun Melt in Rancho Cucamonga, California, July 30, 2013. Thousands of weapons confiscated from criminals in Los Angeles County and collected through a gun buyback program are melted and reformed as steel rebar at the mill. (Photo by David McNew/Reuters)

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Marines demote sergeant who urinated on Taliban body

(Reuters) – A Marine sergeant who was videotaped urinating on dead Taliban insurgents, an incident that stoked ire last year toward U.S. forces in Afghanistan, has been reduced to the rank of corporal after pleading guilty, the Marine Corps said on Thursday.

Sergeant Robert Richards was the last of eight Marines to be punished in connection with the incident, which took place on July 27, 2011, during a counterinsurgency operation in Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

The videotape showed four Marines wearing camouflage combat uniforms urinating on three corpses as one of the Marines joked, “Have a nice day buddy.”

The video became public in early 2012 and was one of a series of offensive incidents at the time that roused Afghan ire and led to heightened tensions between Washington and Kabul.

Richards was charged earlier this year with dereliction of duty, violation of a lawful general order, and conduct prejudicial to the good order and discipline of the armed forces.

He pleaded guilty to two counts at a court martial session at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, on Wednesday and was reduced to the rank of corporal, the Marine Corps said in a statement.


Screen capture from the original video on Liveleak

All eight Marines involved in the incident have now been punished, some by way of court martial and others via non-judicial punishment, the statement said.


Sorry, I don’t see the problem.

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Charges filed in Benghazi attack

05-151807080_10front_620x465Federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges against an alleged militia leader in connection with the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, CBS News has confirmed.

Ahmed Khattalah becomes the first person charged in connection with the attack that killed four Americans.

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20 Uses for Pepper

Pepper (as in milled pepper) has long been used in different capacities over the years. It can do a lot more than season your food. Here are 20 tips for you to make more use of common household pepper. pepper
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Something to look at: 37 Food Items Sold Out After A Crisis

This is 37 Food Items that will be Sold Out After a Crisis. I ran across this the other day via like minded people. I have heard about this information from other people that have paid for it and read it all of them, while not completely enamored with the writer/author of this information agree that its very good, well organized information presented in a way that is easy for just about any level of Prepper to make good use of. I wanted to see if it was worth paying attention to and I honestly must say that this guy has done his homework and he gives his information in a nice neat little package. The best part of this is you don’t have to buy the entire thing at once. If you’re only interested in food storage, you can buy the food storage section and nothing else. If you’re only interested in water purification, you can just access the water purification information only. If you click on the link, there is a video from the author that gives you a pretty good idea what his information is and what it can or can’t do for you. It’s worth the time to at least watch in my opinion.

37 Critical Food Items

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The Justice Department wants to control I-Tunes

Why the hell does the Justice Department of the U.S. need to control I-tunes?

dept-of-justice-seal-plaque-l_2The Justice Department is seeking to acquire government oversight of Apple’s iTunes and App Store – a move that would give feds control over content ranging from books to music to television shows and movies.

After winning an anti-trust lawsuit against Apple in July, the Department of Justice is attempting to gain further price control over the multinational computer corporation.

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The old Boy Scout motto – Be Prepared – may sound like a corny cliche but its meaning is still very applicable to every outdoorsman. No one should go on a canoe trip, a fishing trip, or a camping trip without an adequate first-aid kit and, of course, some knowledge of first aid.

There are many first-aid kits on the market for use in an automobile. Some are simply junk, but others are well conceived and equipped. The better kits are ideal for an automobile camping trip, but they are too bulky and heavy for the backpacker, the canoe tripper, the hiker, or even the hunter or fisherman going on a fly-in or horseback trip.

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